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Dos and Don'ts in use

1. Place sofa on flat floor, put soft pads under the four legs to prevent from damaging floor when moving it.

2. Use clean soft cotton cloth to wipe off the dust on sofa surface before use, and always keep it clean.

3. Kids don’t jump on sofa to avoid deformation caused by local compression.

4. Don’t use tools with sharp angle or knife to touch sofa to avoid scratching sofa fabric.

5. Keep sofa away from long time sunshine to avoid local color fading or film color.

Instructions to maintenance

Routine maintenance: use clean and soft cotton cloth, often wipe off the dirt or stains on sofa fabric. The gap between sofa back, armrest and seat surface can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner. It is prohibited to touch sofa fabric with wet cloth, hard objects or acid, alkaline and other chemicals, so as not to affect the surface quality and use cycle of sofa.

Regular maintenance: take maintenance once a quarter basically. Follow the requirements on the label for the cleaning and maintenance of textile fabric to prevent shrinkage and deformation of fabrics after washing. In order to keep the softness and gloss of sofa leather, it needs to avoid direct sunlight and apart from heating equipment. Leather cannot be washed with following cleaning products: leather washing soap, detergent, polishing agent, leather oil, leather paint, and corrosive detergent and so on.